Some pretext

The Source

Fortune magazine analysis:
HP’s Hurd not doing enough
Hurd admits approving questionable activities, even as board Chairman Dunn resigns and the HP imbroglio moves into a new phase. Fortune’s David Kirkpatrick asks, where is the real transparency?
By David Kirkpatrick, Fortune senior editor
September 23 2006: 11:29 AM EDT

The Setup

In his discussion of HP’s investigation of its leaky board, Kirkpatrick recounts, “Two senior HP officials closely involved with the investigation were fired today, according to well-informed sources.”  He continues…

Hammer Words

One was Anthony Gentilucci, who headed investigations for HP, and the other was the internal lawyer who oversaw the effort from inside, Kevin Hunsaker, who also was the company’s chief ethics officer, of all things.

Crushing Force

In the context of CNN where I read this, “of all things” surprised me.  I prepared for the follow-up:  “Imagine that!  Can you believe it? Arrgh, that’s not the pirate way!”

Just days before, as Muslims threatened to slaughter people because the pope called them violent, John Stewart commented that, as is often the case, irony is lost on such people. That’s why The Daily Show is my primary news source:  news is more fun when the readers can say what you’re thinking.

Is Kirkpatrick’s ironic hammer – “of all things” – a signal that mainstream news is going the way of The Daily Show? Or is commentary just getting more direct when the writer can make an archaic aside about an injudicious lawyer who is also the chief ethics officer (the CeO?). 

Kirkpatrick was not going to let us miss the irony here:  he brought in the hammer words especially to make sure we got it, of all things.

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