500 Oil Deals & He’s Growing His Own Food

The Economist today profiled Matthew Simmons, the “high priest of ‘peak oil.'”  His firm, http://www.simmonsco-intl.com/, has advised on oil transactions valued at $123 billion, so he has some credibility and personal resources.  The article notes, “Mr Simmons is taking no chances.  He plans to start up a farm near his house in Maine, in case the supply chain that provides America with food breaks down for lack of fuel.”  Let’s just pause for a moment to take in the fact that a wealthy man who correctly predicted skyrocketing oil prices is now talking openly about growing his own food.

The article also adds that Mr Simmons “holds out great hope for wave energy.”  I’m glad to hear that because I continue to believe that someone — perhaps OPTT — will harness the waves.  Wave energy might be more important than we know because, unlike solar, waves run all night, which is when we’ll be charging our cars.  There’s less demand for electricity at night right now, but that could change in ten years.  Even wind power declines at night (http://www.windpower.org/en/tour/wres/variab.htm.)

Is it any wonder our economy is tanking?  The best minds of a generation have been squandered on financial shell games that enriched the operators, impoverished the players and created nothing of value for our society.  Many intelligent people (like Mr Simmons?) think it may be too late to reinvent ourselves.  No one wants to be morose, but when people of means mention that they’re growing their own food, we’d better start training like Rocky for his next fight.  Perhaps we can still compete.  It’s the American way.   

Here’s the entire article:  http://www.economist.com/people/displayStory.cfm?story_id=11702995

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