How to live without fax machines and FedEx

These tools will replace your fax machine for free, hold down costs, and make communications faster and easier. 
1.  Get your own free incoming fax number at
The faxes come directly into your email account so they are legible and you know they arrived.  Don’t put this number on your card because eFax sometimes changes the free numbers without telling you.  It’s getting harder to find the free fax page, but here’s a link as of 8/18/09:
2.  Use Pdf995 available free at to turn efax receipts and other documents into PDFs.  I also keep a copy of my signature to plug into documents, which can then be turned into PDFs and sent via 
You can send two faxes a day, which is more than most of us need.  Once you have a PDF, in fact, most correspondents are happy to have the document by email instead of fax.  Faxes of more than three page are $1.99, but the requirement to send a multi-page fax is so rare that it’s worth the fee rather than the on-going cost of a fax machine.
4.  All-in-one scanner / printers are about $99 now from Kodak and others
These will scan a few pages relatively quickly into a PDF.
5.  Scan large documents to PDF at the local printer
We have an arrangement with Minuteman Press for 10 cents per page scanning (FedEx Kinkos, which will print for 10 cents a page, demands a dollar a page to scan, which is a rip-off since scanning is now part of the printing process.)  Large PDFs are easier to store and access than paper, and you can also send them free at  If it costs $10 to scan a 100-page document, you’re still way ahead of sending the paper document through FedEx, and you’ve got an electronic copy to send free the next time you need it.
This free service handles documents that are too big to go through email systems.  YouSendIt will upload documents up to 100MB, which is perfect for tax filings, patent documents, etc., and then send a message to the other party with instructions to download. 
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