Sick of Windows

It finally happened.  The simple act of upgrading a laptop hard drive has convinced me:  I don’t need Microsoft any more.  I just can’t deal with their bizarro user barriers, their constant updates, their lecturing about “authentic” software, and their non-existent support for crappy operating systems.  The rats have already abandoned ship anyway; the poor slobs left at Microsoft are just grinding away on giant me-too projects like Silverlight and X-Box, as MS hunts for ever bigger former partners to kill.

My mentor used to say, “Steal my money, but not my time.  I can always make more money.”  Well, I’ve wasted my last day on Windows, and I’m encouraging our technical people to do their best never to buy another Windows system.  Our Linux servers hum along;  our Windows systems spontaneously crash, update, and re-boot themselves.

Who needs Windows?  I wouldn’t think of browsing with IE.  Outlook is a bloated, crawling mess.  Gmail is great, Google docs are a better way of working with a team, and Google calendar is phenomenal.   I need a decent HTML editor and a good presentation tool.  My friends say Ubuntu is excellent.  Please send your ideas for better non-Windows software.

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