What every Chumley wants

Saw the movie, Harvey, for the first time, and was surprised at how insightful a movie about an invisible rabbit could be. I suspect this interchange between Chumley, with the older, disbelieving psychiatrist who has now seen the rabbit, and Elwood P. Dowd (Jimmy Stewart) is still true for many men who have dedicated their lives to an institution.  In fact, Akron sounds like a nice place to visit.

CHUMLEY – Flyspecks – flyspecks! I’ve been
spending my life among flyspecks – while
miracles have been leaning on lamp posts
at Eighteenth and Fairfax! Tell me, Mr.
Dowd, will he do this for you?

ELWOOD – Oh, he’d be willing at any time –
yes. But so far I ha-haven’t been able to
think of any place I’d rather be. I – I
always have a wonderful time – wherever I
am – whomever I’m with. I’m having a fine
time right here with you, Doctor.


Elwood seated near b.g. – Chumley
rising – camera pulls back as he
strolls forward, talking, & lies
back on couch – speaks dreamily
– camera rises slightly as Elwood
rises & comes forward – camera
moves down close to Chumley as
Elwood sits at far side of couch
– Chumley pats chest – Elwood
questions Chumley – Chumley starts
to sit up –

CHUMLEY – Oh, I – Heh! I know where I’d go.

ELWOOD – Where?

CHUMLEY – I’d go to Akron!

ELWOOD – Akron? Oh, yes.

CHUMLEY – There’s a cottage camp just
outside Akron – in a grove of maple trees
— green – cool – beautiful.

ELWOOD – Uh – that’s my favorite tree.

CHUMLEY – I’d go there with a pretty woman.


CHUMLEY – A strange woman — a quiet woman.

ELWOOD – Ooh. Under a tree, huh?

CHUMLEY – I wouldn’t even want to know her
name — while I would be just – Mr. Smith.
Then I would send out for cold beer.

ELWOOD – Uh – no whiskey, huh?

CHUMLEY – No. Then I would tell her things.
Things that I’ve never told to anyone.
Things that are locked – deep in here.
(COUGHS) And as I talked to her, I would
want her to hold out a soft white hand and
say ‘Poor thing. You poor, poor thing.’

ELWOOD – For how long would you want this
to go on, Doctor?

CHUMLEY – Two weeks.

ELWOOD – Two weeks?! Uh – wouldn’t that
get a little monotonous? Just Akron, cold
beer and ‘poor, poor thing’ for two weeks?

CHUMLEY – No! It would be wonderful!

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